Mapping your CRM fields to Flow




Once you have your CRM connected, Flow will allow you to easily configure and map your CRM fields making sure that your data is exported to the correct fields. 


NOTE: This feature is only available for Enterprise Users and once connected, your team can utilize this feature. Only Team Admins are permitted to access this section of Flow.


How to Map your CRM fields to Flow:

1. Log in to Flow and go to your dashboard and click on settings on the upper left.




2. Click on Settings go to connect, choose your CRM. Integration is available with Salesforce, Hubspot and Outreach. 

Click on connect and this should open another window asking you to enter your CRM credentials, additional dialogue box may pop up and may ask for additional permissions. In this case, we have already logged in to the Salesforce instance previously so after clicking connect, the mappings are shown.

For Outreach and Hubspot, you must be logged in via your browser and click on your CRM under connect.




3. Once you are connected, Flow would instantly get the available fields in your CRM and you can configure it so that the records found by Flow will be added to the right fields. You can also choose to change the value set on record source and map it to the right source fields in your CRM.







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