Message contacts from Sales Navigator searches


Learn how to send Linkedin Messages to contact searches.


1. Ensure that the Sales Navigator toggle is turned on in the Flow browser extension. 



2. Use the Sales Navigator search bar to locate the contacts. You can filter the results further by using the filters on the left. Once done, look for the Flow bubble on the bottom right-hand corner and click on 'Message All Search Contacts'




3. The Flow window will let you set different messages/templates for contacts that aren't connected to and contacts that are in your 1st and 2nd-degree connections. Templates have a limit of 2000 characters. Once done, click on Run Stream.



4. The results will be shown on the right-hand side panel, you can choose who you want to send the messages to by clicking on 'Send Message' on each contact. 


Note: Token cost is shown right next to the 'Sent Message' button. Once you click on 'Send Message', you'll know that it's successful by checking if you have 'True' under InMail/Connection Sent.





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