Get All Contact Information from Sales Navigator Lead Search



Easily obtain all contact information of all contacts from your Sales Navigator search. 


1. Start by making sure that the Linkedin Sales Navigator Integration toggle is turned on in the browser extension window.



2. Use the Sales Navigator search bar to locate the contacts. You can filter the results further by using the filters on the left. Once done, look for the Flow bubble on the bottom right-hand corner. 





3. Click on 'Find All Email & Phone from Search Results. A window will ask you if you want to check for duplicate against Salesforce, Outreach or Hubspot.



4. Flow will gather all the information on all contacts from your search results and will be shown in the right-hand panel. Once done, you can see each contact's details by navigating through the pages.

You can add them one by one directly to your CRM by clicking on Launch Next Stream. You can add them to:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot


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