Team Management (Leadgenius Account Managers Only)

As an Account Manager you can create and manage teams within Flow. This document will outline how to use Flow for Team Management.


1. Click on the Flow browser extension icon and click on Go to Dashboard



2. The Dashboard will open to the Team tab by default. Here is where you can create teams, upgrade a team to enterprise, add new members and switch teams, in addition to other options.



3. To start with creating teams, click on the Create Team button, Enter the Team name, Domains, Tokens and the number of Seats for the team you're about to create. Hit OK when you're ready.

Note: Leave seats blank for unlimited



4. To edit a created team, click the edit icon and update or change the Team name, Domains, Tokens and Seats as required. Hit OK to save your changes. To delete a team use the recycle bin icon to the extreme right of the screen.



5. To add users to the team, enter the email address for the user you wish to invite, select a Role from the dropdown and hit Send Invite



6. To remove a user click on the three horizontal ellipses to the right of the Role column and click on Remove Member.

Note: You can also change the Role between Admin and Viewer from here, as well as resend an invite.



7. The dropdown to the right of the edit icon, allows you to assign a team to a datahub profile. This will limit the campaigns available for Rep Nomination to the selected profile.



8. Toggle the switch to the right to upgrade a client to an Enterprise subscription.



9. To switch between teams and manage or view their settings you can use the dropdown at the top right near your name.




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