Send LinkedIn Message to Contacts From Outreach


You can now use Flow to send a LinkedIn message to Prospects from Outreach.


1. Start by making sure that the Outreach integration toggle is turned on in the browser extension window.



2. Navigate to an Account in Outreach and click on the Flow bubble that appears in the bottom, right-hand corner. This will show you the automated Streams that are available for your integration. 



3. Select the Message All Contacts. Check the Contact Title, Region, and type in the Connection Request Message and Message. Click Run Stream when ready.



4. The panel on the right-hand side of the screen will show the search results and a preview of the message that you are about to send. If you are ready to send the message, click on Send Message and you will see true under Message Connection Sent if it was successful.



Additionally, if you already have a prospect in Outreach, you can navigate to the required prospect and click on the Flow bubble. Now select the Send Message, check details in the Stream Inputs popup and click Run Stream. You will see onscreen prompt advising you Your LinkedIn message has been sent. Hit OK to return.


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