Getting Started


Learn how to get started with Flow once you've downloaded the extension.

Pin The Extension

Once you've downloaded the extension from the Chrome Store, you'll need to "pin" the extension on Chrome. Click on the puzzle icon at the top, right of your Chrome browser window. Next, you'll click on the pin icon next to Flow by LeadGenius. The Flow icon will now appear to the left of the puzzle icon at all times. 



Register For An Account

After you've pinned the extension. You'll need to register for an account by signing in with your Google account or completing the registration form. This will prompt you to enter your email, which will become your username, and create a password. Once completed, we'll email you a verification link to finalize the registration process. 


If you have closed this window, you can simply click on the Flow icon and click on register.


Get Started

Now that you're registered, sign in to Flow using the same email and password you created. Out of the box, you can use Flow with HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, Sales Navigator, or Linkedin. Navigate to an account or contact page on those sites and click on the Flow icon at the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen to see the Streams available to you.


You're now ready to run your first Stream!

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