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The Salesforce integration is one of the out-of-the-box integrations included in the browser extension. Use the Salesforce integration to improve the contact coverage across your target accounts.


How to use the Salesforce Integration 

1. Start by making sure the Salesforce integration toggle is turned on in the browser extension window.



2. Navigate to an Account in Salesforce that you're looking to prospect into and click on the Flow bubble that appears in the bottom, right-hand corner. This will show you the automated Streams that are available for your integration. 



3. To find contacts using Linkedin, click on the arrow next to the Stream Find New Contacts. You'll be prompted to enter the Contact Seniority, Contact Title, and Region then click 'Run Stream'. 



4. A panel on the right-hand side of the screen will appear and display your results. If there is an exact match for the title you're looking for, one result will display. Otherwise, Flow will automatically try to find similar contacts and list them out for you to choose from. You can click 'Get Profile' for the contact of your choice. 



5. Once you select 'Get Profile' the contact information will appear in the Flow panel. To add the contact to your Salesforce, click 'Add New Contact'. 


6. Flow will automatically add the contact in another window. If your Salesforce instance requires you to input additional information before saving a contact, you may need to do so in that separate window. 



Video Tutorial 

To watch the Salesforce integration in action, check out this video! 



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